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The challengers of Mnet’s existence demonstrate “Icon School” have now experienced their first end.

On August 3’s scene of “Icon School,” the 40 candidates proceeded with their group exhibitions of tunes including TWICE’s “Perk Up,” BLACKPINK’s “Shriek,” Lovelyz’s “Ah Choo,” Red Velvet’s “New kid on the block,” and GFRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tu.”

The “Shriek” group brought ahead of all comers with 367 focuses, and the colleagues got advantage focuses for the win. Contender Noh Ji Sun of the “Ah Choo” group had the most astounding number of focuses among every one of the challengers with a score of 99.

The aftereffects of live voting were then reported, with the most minimal positioning eight contenders disposed of from the running for a spot in the show’s future nine-part young lady gathering.
Idol Schoo 2017 Episode 4 Engsub. Video Idol Schoo 2017 Ep 4 Engsub

Current Top 9:

1. Baek Ji Heon
2. Lee Hae In
3. Lee Seo Yeon
4. Song Ha Young
5. Lee Chae Young
6. Park Ji Won
7. Yoo Ji Na
8. Lee Na Kyung
9. Lee Sae Rom

Top 10 – 32 (Remaining in the running to debut):

10. Natty
11. Jo Yoo Ri
12. Kim Eun Seo
13. Noh Ji Sun
14. Bae Eun Young
15. Seo He Rin
16. Park So Myeong
17. Choo Won Hee
18. Cho Young Joo
19. Kim Myeong Ji
20. Jang Gyu Ri
21. Lee Si An
22. Park Sun
23. Shin Sia
24. Bin Ha Neul (Sky)
25. Lee Yoo Jeong
26. Tasha
27. Kim Eun Kyul
28. Kim Na Yeon
29. Lee Da Hee
30. Cho Yoo Bin
31. Kim Joo Hyun (Jenny)
32. Lee Young Yoo

Eliminated contestants:

33. Snowbaby
34. Michelle White
35. Lee Seul (Jessica Lee)
36. Jeong So Mi
37. Yoon Ji Woo
38. Yang Yeon Ji
39. Hong Si Woo
40. Jo Se Rim

The school’s “principal” Lee Soon Jae said to the students, “There is no reason to be sad about being eliminated.”

“Being eliminated from ‘Idol School’ means that you have lost the opportunity to debut this semester,” he said, and stated that they will continue to help the contestants as “regular students.”

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