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Corona is Continue In Kpop, Verified That Kim Min-ju and Woods from IZoneIn the music business, the corona virus continues to spread… verified that Kim Min-ju and Woods from IZone also Infected


The number of proven instances of ‘Corona 19’ in Korea is rising every day, and the music industry is also suffering problems in broadcasting appearances and performances due to the spread of Omicron mutation in Korea.

Kim Min-ju, a former member of IZone, and singer Woods (Cho Seung-yeon) were both diagnosed with Corona 19 on the 21st (Korean time).

An official statement from Kim Min-management ju’s company Urbanworks on the same day stated, “Kim Min-ju suffered minor cold symptoms last weekend and tests verified it. “

Kim Min-ju is now under quarantine and has cancelled all upcoming events.

A statement from the agency said, “We are resting and confined for home treatment in compliance with the recommendations of the quarantine authorities.”

Woods was diagnosed with COVID-19 last weekend after experiencing minor cold symptoms and a low temperature.

It was posted on the fan café by Yuehua Entertainment that Woods was in quarantine and would be receiving home care.

Wendy’s Young Street, the SBS Radio Power FM show slated to feature Woods this week, has been cancelled.

Some concerts have had to be rescheduled as a result of the Omicron mutation spreading over the area.

Officially postponed from this month’s 25th to 27th due to technical difficulties, the “2022 Ravi Concert – REVOIR” concert at Seoul’s Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu announced by singer Ravi’s management company Groovlin.

It was Groovlin’s understanding that owing to the spread of Corona 19, the performance had to be put on hold.

There will be no additional fees for reserving tickets, and the dates for subsequent performances will be made public.

The top ten contestants from “Tomorrow’s National Singer” on TV Chosun have also had their concert postponed.

Seoul performances of ‘Tomorrow, 2022 National Top 10 National Tour Concert – Birth! The National Team’ have been postponed until April, according to a statement from n.CH Entertainment. n.CH Entertainment:

The show will take place on the second and third of April.

Organizers explained that they were forced to postpone the event because to “the rapid spread of Corona 19 and the government’s recommendations for restricting the number of persons attending.” stated

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