Donald Trump Said, Russia Wouldn’t Threaten Ukraine.

President Trump also slammed the United States’ response to Russia’s actions as weak and inconsistent with Russia’s. He Said That The Russo-Ukrainian Conflict’s Effects Were Already Being Seen..

Donald Trump applauded Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize the two Ukrainian regions that broke away from the country as sovereign states. It was “brilliant,” according to Trump, that Putin made that decision.

Trump said this on a right-wing radio show. During the interview, Trump was asked about Putin’s decision to recognize the two separatist regions in eastern Ukraine as autonomous entities by the host.

As soon as I came in the door, I remarked to myself, ‘This is brilliant,'” Trump added. “Putin declared the independence of significant swaths of Ukraine. I am in awe of that.”

Aside from paying lip service to his admiration for Putin, Trump often asserted that he would prevent a repeat of the Ukraine issue. He said that the situation might have been averted if Joe Biden had handled it correctly.

According to him: “I know Vladimir Putin very well and he would never have done what he is doing now in the Trump administration, no way!!”

On the other hand, Trump also slammed the United States for its response to Russia’s actions as weak and inconsistent. He asserted that the crisis between Russia and Ukraine was already having an effect.

President Trump stated, “Now that it’s begun, the price of oil has gone up and up, and Putin is not only getting what he has always wanted, but he is also becoming, because of the spike in oil and gas, wealthy.”

Trump’s foreign policy, according to former White House Russia advisor Fiona Hill, has made Putin more brave. Self-interest, rather than national interest, is thought to be Trump’s driving force.

“Forget about Trump’s Team USA. No time has passed when I have seen him act in an American-first manner. Not at all. Forget about it, “said Hill, a former top adviser to Trump.

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