If Bullfighting is outlawed in Mexico City, what will become of the Matadors?

If Bullfighting is outlawed in Mexico City, what will become of the Matadors?

If Bullfighting is outlawed in Mexico City, what will become of the Matadors?

A ban on bullfighting in Mexico City’s main bullring may soon be on the table. They’re also fighting to keep Mexico City’s bullfighters from being outlawed.

This isn’t a brand-new topic of discussion, to be honest. An animal protection panel in Mexico City’s legislative body passed a motion in December to abolish a centuries-old practise that was started by Spanish invaders. Legislators in Mexico City have not, however, scheduled a vote on the proposal.

The Plaza de Toros, a bullfighting arena with a capacity of 50,000, is located in Mexico City, the country’s capital. It is also a progressive centre in the conservative Catholic-majority nation and a pioneer in areas such as same-sex marriage, legal abortion and animal welfare.

Bullfighting advocates, on the other hand, argue that the city’s liberties should extend to them as well. “Minorities and freedom of opinion are respected in our day. Do you know how to use the term “prohibit?” “According to Rafael Cue, a journalist and Mexican bullfighting member.

It is a “really horrible thing” for freedom if authorities impose moral ideals from one segment of society to another, according to support groups. Rather of focusing on “fashion or political correctness,” the organisation says, the proposed ban should be discussed from the standpoint of freedom.

“This may also be used to restrict legal pregnancy abortions or same-sex weddings,” the organisation stated in a statement.

In contrast, the opponents of bullfighting stated that the proponents’ argument was not worthy of presentation since they viewed animals as things. Those who support bullfighting are also considered to have overlooked the negative societal consequences of public cruelty.

According to Mexico City legislator Jorge Gavino, who favours restrictions on animal cruelty and killing exhibitions, “I am harmed indirectly when they slaughter and hurt living animals in a public arena for entertainment.” As a result, “I have a responsibility and a right to intervene against rights that these third people believe to be minorities,” he says. “

He noted that it is scientifically proved that bulls suffer when they engage in combat. There are now just a few states in Mexico that have prohibited bullfighting. The ritual is protected as a cultural treasure in seven states.

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