March Theater Competition: ‘Mathematicians in Wonderland’ against ‘The Batman’

Movie lovers will experience dramatic genre entertainment in March with the release of ‘The Batman’ and ‘Mathematicians in Wonderland.’ When it comes to “The Batman,” which will be released on March 1, the film shows a brutal fight between Batman and the mysterious Riddler, who shakes him up. The next generation of Batman will be played by Robert Pattinson, a well-known Hollywood actor.

Since the beginning, it has been a common topic of conversation. “The Batman,” which focuses on the second year of Batman’s activities, will depict genuine action via the appearance of a powerful and merciless Batman. Then, on March 9th, comes the release of ‘Mathematicians in Wonderland,’ and audiences should expect a shift in the film genre in March.

Mathematics in Wonderland is an emotional drama about a gifted mathematician who hides his identity and works as a high school security guard after fleeing North Korea and encountering a kid who has given up math. With his powerful performances, Choi Min-sik, who has converted into brilliant mathematician, Hak-seong Lee, who lives as night security guard at Korea’s 1 percent private high school in Korea, is predicted to capture the audience.

In addition, it teaches a student named ‘Ji-Woo Han’ (Kim Dong-Hwi) who had been travelling aimlessly around the world in search of simply the proper answer the importance of the correct solution procedure, transforming him into ‘The Batman.’ There is a lot of hope that it will provide a new type of entertainment.

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