Puzzle & Dragons: 10th Anniversary Edition comes to Nintendo Switch

“Puzzle and Dragons” is celebrating its 10th anniversary on the Nintendo Switch.

“Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition” for Nintendo Switch was launched on February 20th by GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. in honour of the 10th anniversary of the service of the mobile puzzle RPG.

SCIENCE FICTION AND DRAGONS Playing on the Nintendo Switch’s touch screen is much like playing on a smartphone or tablet.

People may play up to four games at once using a controller, and the internet feature allows up to eight players from across the world to compete against each other.

For those who design their own dungeon and submit it, they may enjoy it with others from across the globe. Puzzles and dragons Nintendo Switch Edition has three distinct game types.

‘Adventure Mode,’ on the other hand, is a mode in which numerous creatures can be encountered when exploring adventure dungeons.

“Battle Game” is a dungeon-clearing mode in which up to eight players battle for the highest score. World Match Friend Match COM Match are the three sections.

And last but not least, in the puzzle and dragons series, ‘Edit Mode’ is a new mode. For instance, gamers may design their own dungeons by combining creatures and backdrops, or they can share it with others to play the game together.

Systems like “achievements” that award various prizes and “eggs” that allow players to get “avatars” were also implemented.

The official PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition website has more information.

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