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‘Six Sense 3’ actor ‘Lee Sang-yeop’ infected with Corona

It has been proven that Lee Sang-yeop and the ‘Six Sense 3’ PD are infected with the novel coronavirus (Corona 19).

According to a tvN official on the 23rd, the first transmission of “Six Sense 3” would take place on March 18, one week after the breakout of the corona virus at the filming site.

He went on to say, “Viewers who have been eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Six Sense 3’ are being asked to realise that this is a necessary step in order to maintain a stable production environment. In the future, we intend to manage safety in compliance with quarantine requirements.”

First transmission was halted on this day when it was revealed that ‘Six Sense 3’ PD and Lee Sang-yeop had been confirmed. By Woongbin ENS, the agency of Lee Sang-yeop “On the afternoon of the 22nd, Lee Sang-yeop was confirmed by Corona 19. Due to a scratchy throat and chills, Lee Sang-yeop tried to diagnose himself with a self-diagnosis kit, but it came back negative, and the PCR test was the final confirmation “said the obvious.

Lee Sang-yeop has finished the third dosage of the Corona 19 vaccination, and he is presently self-quarantining in accordance with the quarantine authorities’ rules. By adhering to quarantine requirements set forth by health officials, “we will do our utmost to protect the health and safety of the artist.”

Unpredictable sixth sense variety that seeks fakes that are more genuine than the real ones that are hidden in the actual world.

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