Travelers hope to be anxiously awaiting the government of Malaysia’s decision on border controls.

Ex-Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s Government Advisory Board proposed on February 8, 2022, that Malaysia reopen its doors to international tourists free of quarantine as early as March 1. The tourism industry in Malaysia is waiting impatiently for the government to make a decision over the boundary between the two states. Two weeks after Malaysia’s proposal, the country’s borders have been closed.

Former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s government advisory group advised that Malaysia opens its doors to quarantine-free overseas visitors on March 1 of that year, on February 8, 2022. But several legislators and public health professionals are concerned about the rising Omicron wave in the country and have objected to the suggestion.

Malaysian Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin stated after the announcement that additional borders might reopen realistically in the second quarter of this year. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for lifting limitations are reportedly being prepared by the Health Ministry.

Due of the COVID-19 epidemic, a Malaysian travel operator, Apple Vacations Sdn Bhd, had to shut down operations in March 2020. Sales had fallen by 99 percent, according to Koh Yock Heng, the company’s group managing director, popularly known as Kohsan.

There has been an increase in Omicron vaccination rates, but officials need to look into it more deeply because we need to be ready to enter a new period of our lives where we can begin opening up the market with safe management procedures, he told Al Jazeera.

Ming Luk Tan, OYO Hotels and Homes’ Head of Malaysia and Singapore Business, noted that the sector has paid attention to the fact that customers prefer safety. As far as customers are concerned, cleanliness and ventilation are regarded to be the most important factors in their decision making.

There is still space for prudence and a progressive approach through the construction of air bridges and travel bubbles rather than opening up an entire country at once, Ming added.

He also stated that his company’s income had dropped 60% during the epidemic of COVID-19.. There is some doubt as to how much of an impact the travel ban is having on public health at this stage in the epidemic.

Although financial performance measures can evaluate the intervention’s negative economic consequences, the social advantages of restricting overseas travel have yet to be documented, he added.

Researcher and public health specialist Lim Chee Han of the ASM believes that quarantine measures should be kept in place to help manage the infection. A large number of Varian Omicron cases were shipped to Malaysia, according to him

Once Omicron-led pandemic waves have subsided, “the government may evaluate and alter this directive,” he stated. Malaysian Omicron variant cases are 90.7 per cent imported, according to the most recent genomic sequencing data provided up to January 28.

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