‘Uncharted’ dominated the box office for five straight days, attracting more than 400,000 viewers.

“Uncharted” has been number one at the box office for a total of five consecutive days now. On the 23rd, the Korea Film Council’s integrated movie theatre ticket network reported that the film ‘Uncharted’ had attracted 24,295 viewers the day before and had been at the top of the box office for a total of five days. There were 416,570 people in attendance altogether.

To uncover a mysterious treasure that will transform the world, ‘Nathan’ (Tom Holland) has to face frightening new challenges and decisions in this action-adventure film. Tom Holland’s thrilling action, electrifying pleasure, and enthralling global location have received positive reviews. ” Theatre’s Magic Turn 0 came in second with a total of 185,068 viewers and a turnout of 15,167 people. “Theatrical Version of Magic Turn 0” (a dark action fantasy blockbuster starring ‘Otkotsu Yuta’), a strong main shaman whose White Devil Night would put the magic classic at risk, took the top box office place immediately after its debut, but stayed there for a day.

Because he was ejected, he has been in second position ever since. “Pirates: The Goblin Flag” came in third with 5,494 viewers, while “Death on the Nile” came in fourth with 3815 spectators. With 3,053 daily viewers, ‘Kingmaker’ was the 5th most watched show. On the other hand, 68,175 individuals went to see a movie at the cinema.

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