With NFT Market, you may meet Netmarble’s new “Golden Brothers.”

The NFT market will debut Netmarble’s latest casual shooting game, “Golden Bros.”

According to CEO Young-sik Kwon and COO Ki-wook Do of Netmarble, the presale timetable and plan for Golden Bros. 2022 have been disclosed through the official SNS channel.

Binance NFT Market will host a pre-sale of the “GB Genesis Mystery Box” on March 2nd, which contains limited-edition costumes and collecting cards. After the Early Access Open or the official release, players will be able to utilise limited edition outfits and collection cards in-game.

In addition, the ‘Golden Bros’ 2022 schedule has been made public. To kick off early access in March, ‘Golden Bros.’ intends to launch the first pre-sale. The game will then be published internationally on mobile and PC platforms in April (excluding some countries such as Korea and China).

As of now, the sole game available is a “casual shooting game,” which is all it has been described as. Information on TPS and FPS will be formally published in time for early access in accordance with a statement from the game’s developer, according to an official.

In ‘Golden Bros,’ Netmarble FNC has created a shoot-em-up game using blockchain technology. It’s a fun and straightforward game to play.

3v3 real-time pvp battles take place on a battlefield with dynamic gameplay such as farming, growing, and protecting a base as well as the ability to use ultimate talents.

Discord, Facebook, and Twitter will be updated with further information on the game following the early access period (which begins in March).

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